When did varsity and letterman jackets first become popular? That question can be answered in several ways. First, this article will explore the varsity jacket during the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. Next, it will discuss today’s popularity of high school varsity jackets & letterman jackets. And finally, we’ll look at some historical examples. So, when did varsity and letterman jackets first become popular?

The 1980s

The letterman jacket first appeared during the 1930s. The garment became an emblem of school pride and was popularized by major league athletes. Originally, they were made of leather sleeves and wool torsos. By the ’80s, letterman jackets became popular for off-campus wear and were adopted by major sports teams.

In 1865, a baseball coach at Harvard University began stitching the letter ‘H’ onto his players’ jerseys. Soon, these jerseys became a status symbol worn by athletes at various colleges and universities. The uniforms were also decorated with the schools’ initials. Since then, many sports teams have continued to use the letterman and varsity jacket as a symbol of school spirit.

The 1990s

Varsity and letterman jackets are returning to fashion thanks to the hip-hop and streetwear trends of the 90s. The varsity jacket, a statement piece, pairs well with baggy jeans and exudes a sporty, edgy vibe. The classic design, cheap materials, and innovative designs gave the varsity jacket a new life. Many hip-hop groups have also started wearing the varsity jacket.

The varsity and letterman jackets were originally designed for football players and were heavier than traditional athletic gear. Buttons and leather sleeves were later added. Soon the varsity and letterman jacket became a status symbol for university athletes and students. It was often accompanied by a letter that was sewn onto the jacket. These trends have permeated our society ever since. While the varsity and letterman jacket is still associated with football jocks, it’s becoming increasingly inclusive and welcoming.

The 2000s

Historically, the popularity of varsity and letterman jackets peaked in the early 2000s. Then, many people associated these jackets with high school athletes, but the varsity jacket has a different, more modern history. Today, jackets are more popular with people in smaller towns than in the past. Tigard High School, for instance, offers students the opportunity to design their letterman jackets.

The popularity of these styles of jackets is a testament to the American aesthetic and imagination. After the turbulent 2000s, the varsity jacket was an important part of American culture. It helped people reconnect with their history and forged a more positive identity.


A traditional varsity or letterman jacket has been around for decades. Its origins go back to the 1860s when it was designed for a university sports team. The jacket is made of boiled wool with a banded waist and wristband. The left chest of the jacket has a particular logo. Many college students wear them as a form of school pride. The jacket is not just for male athletes, however.

The letterman jacket was introduced in 1865 by the Harvard University athletic team. It was a combination of a leather jacket and a sweater, becoming an emblem of excellence for college athletes. The jacket became an object of pride, and only the most outstanding athletes could afford it. The jacket also symbolized reputation and authority. It was a symbol of the school and its athletes; today, many students and alumni choose to wear one.

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