You were injured in a car crash in Spokane. If the other driver was reckless or clearly negligent, you could file a claim for compensation with their insurer. Washington also follows the “pure comparative fault” rule. If you were negligent or may have contributed to the accident, your settlement would be reduced accordingly. However, this is also a claimant-friendly state, which means that you can get a settlement even when you are more (<50%) at fault than the other driver. One of the key steps in such circumstances is to hire a Spokane car accident lawyer. Before you hire one, do ask these questions listed below.

What do you think of my car accident claim? What are my rights?

A skilled attorney should explain if your car accident claim is worth pursuing. For example, if you have suffered minimal injuries and no losses, you can file a claim with your insurer. It depends on the facts of each car accident, but your attorney can give a realistic overview of the situation. The lawyer should take an active interest in knowing what may have caused the accident and should pay you the expected settlement amount. Your lawyer will also investigate the accident and gather evidence on your behalf.

Can you share your experience with car accident cases in Spokane?

Personal injury law is complicated and covers many cases, including medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, and slip and fall cases. Make sure that you hire a lawyer who works on auto and car accident claims regularly. Most injury lawsuits are settled in court, but if the insurance company refuses a fair settlement or there is no room for negotiation, your lawyer may have to file a civil lawsuit. When you ask a lawyer about their experience, discuss their experience of representing clients at trial.

What are the likely expenses of this case?

Injury attorneys in Spokane typically work on a contingency fee, which is an arrangement where the lawyer gets paid only when they win financial compensation for the client. The contingency fee may vary but doesn’t exceed 40% of the settlement. There could be other expenses for the case, which your lawyer can explain. If the case is strong enough, your lawyer may absorb all expenses until you are paid by the insurance company or the at-fault party.

Don’t shy away from talking to an experienced car accident lawyer, even when you had a share in the fault.

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