One mom said her previous experience taking care of children made it straightforward to take care of her baby however the hardest factor was that “I would get tired because there are such a lot of things to do with the baby, like feeding” (mother #10). Another mother mentioned her “sleepless nights wore her out” (mother #3), but acknowledged that she could not get mad on the baby since it was not the infant’s fault. When requested to offer recommendation to different mothers about taking excellent care of the toddler, one mother advised, “Don’t overwhelm your self. If he is crying and you can’t determine it out, step back and take a moment to assume about the state of affairs.

In countries the place HIV/AIDS rates are high, such as South Africa and Kenya, the virus is a quantity one explanation for maternal mortality, especially in mothers who breastfeed. A complication is that many HIV-infected mothers cannot afford formulation, and thus haven’t any way of preventing transmission to the child by way of breast milk or avoiding well being risks for themselves. In cases like this, moms don’t have any alternative however to breastfeed their infants no matter their information of the harmful effects.

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