The virus of Western equine encephalitis is primarily situated within the western USA. In current years, reviews of WEE haven’t been widespread, most likely as a result of adequate vaccination applications. The virus isn’t as pathogenic as EEE, and animals contaminated with WEE have a greater chance of survival. This contains the japanese USA, Central and South America, and japanese Canada. In the USA, EEE is seen primarily within the southeastern states but has been reported in all states east of the Mississippi River. Infected horses normally turn into comatose, seizure, and die in 36–48 hr.

To back up her declare that vaccines trigger persistent well being problems, Dr. Mumper even trots out RFK Jr.’s claim that the current generation of kids is the “sickest generation” , a declare that is, quite merely, not true and, even if it had been, not due to vaccines. Of course, Dr. Mumper believes this and in addition believes that we will “boost our immune system” to deal with COVID-19 through the use of vitamins C and D, taking zinc, avoiding “pro-inflammatory foods”, and other things unlikely to make a distinction. None of the current COVID-19 vaccines in use or nearing use contain biochips or nanotechnology. Here, Dr. Mumper is just delving into the deeper realms of antivaccine conspiracy theories. I will give her credit score for not mentioning Bill Gates in her discuss, although she did on slide #32, the place she mentioned “hydrogel” as nicely. This nonsense has been discussed earlier than; so I’ll move on, except to chuckle at how Dr. Mumper features a slide that claims that these chips are unlikely to be listed as components and that “independent” testing can be needed to verify that COVID-19 vaccines don’t have them.

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