This implies that firms like Moderna and Pfizer are protected from lawsuits regarding their COVID-19 vaccines until 2024. However, people can file a petition with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program administered by the us Department of Health and Human Services to obtain compensation if they are found to have been injured by one of many vaccines coated by VICP. According to the Health Resources and Services Administration under HHS, “even in cases by which such a finding just isn’t made, petitioners might obtain compensation by way of a settlement.” On January 13, Governor Mike DeWine (R-Ohio) posted a tweet reassuring the public that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe. Besides pandemic flu vaccines, the CICP covers vaccines for anthrax and smallpox, which are administered to many US army personnel, and countermeasures for botulism and radiation.

Even if you’re within the hospital and get a flu shot , the hospital will still invoice your Medicare Part B plan. The CARES Act states that an individual with Medicare won’t have to pay any cost-sharing for the vaccines. This means you won’t have to pay a copayment or deductible toward getting a coronavirus vaccine. A vaccine could put an finish to a pandemic that has taken thousands of American lives.

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