All members will obtain their last follow-up call seven days after their final dose. The Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines are the first two COVID-19 vaccines licensed by the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use and already have been given to millions of Americans. Most of the rare, severe allergic reactions to those vaccines have occurred in people with a historical past of allergic reactions. A substantial number of these individuals had beforehand experienced a life-threatening allergic reaction referred to as anaphylaxis. Non-compliance with the August 19, 2021 CDPH Order, together with refusal to wear an N95 mask or check twice weekly in lieu of full vaccination, shall be reported to the vendor/contractor/network contractor or Community Partnerships Unit for volunteers. HAs shall comply with established method of communication with the vendor/contractor/network contractor or CPU to report non-compliance prior to the CDPH deadline to ensure companies are offered and acceptable staffing levels are maintained.

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