Use a nonslip bathmat and clear up wet flooring promptly. Weighed in opposition to the recognized threat of harm that unused opioids current via accidental or illicit use, the potential hurt to the environment attributable to flushing opioids is believed to be negligible. Traces of prescription drugs, including opioids, have been present in streams and lakes.

A baby can also suffocate if a sleeping mother or father accidentally rolls over and covers the child’s nostril and mouth. Helping your child get the correct amount of daytime sleep isn’t all the time straightforward. Don’t feel unhealthy if some days are more challenging than others. Remember to look and hear for the indicators that your baby is tired and attempt to maintain his or her nap routine constant. Some babies and older kids go through durations throughout which they refuse to nap — although they nonetheless want the remainder.

If your child constantly nurses on just one breast at a feeding through the first few weeks, pump the opposite breast to relieve strain and defend your milk supply. You can begin helping your companion prepare for breast-feeding by taking time to understand the advantages. Breast milk accommodates the right stability of vitamins for your child and boosts your baby’s immune system.

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