When separated from the mom, infants protest by crying and by physique actions. Even if dad and mom cannot but understand infants’ babbling, a timely response by parents to babbling results in quicker language acquisition. This was confirmed by researchers who first studied mothers’ habits towards 8-month-old infants and later examined the infants’ vocabulary when they were 15 months old. A first important development of infants is the invention that they can influence their mother and father through babbling .

The mother smiles, assuring baby that it is all ok. As the music continues, child seems again on the field and suddenly, the puppet pops up! The baby, shocked by the sudden incidence begins to cry and looks again at mom, this time for consolation as much as for that means. Mom picks up baby, hugging him and telling him along with her tone, facial expression, and touch that every little thing is ok, till baby calms down. As the infant learns the sport alongside his mom, his reaction to the surprise finally becomes joyful. Newborn screening starts in hospitals, which acquire many of the specimens.

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