Try using a being pregnant support pillow or sleeping in a reclined chair. By the third trimester, you’ll be carrying a heavy and awkward load. And even in a very healthy pregnancy, the stress of the increasing uterus on your respiratory system could cause shortness of breath even with mild exertion. This data is designed as an academic help for the general public. It presents current data and opinions associated to women’s well being.

Practice this stretching routine every day in the third trimester and invite your partner to take part. You might find that the pressure out of your growing fetus constricts your digestive tract, forcing abdomen contents back up via the esophagus. You can decrease acid reflux disease or heartburn by consuming small, regular meals, chewing meals totally, and eating slowly. Also, don’t lie down for at least an hour after eating. Sluggish metabolism, typically triggered by consuming the incorrect foods on your blood kind, results in an accumulation of extracellular water, which, in turn, causes edema.

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