There are not any viruses and no cells in which there could be viral contamination. That bit about SARS-CoV-2 having originated in bats is, after all, a speculative distraction. Neuroscience long ago has shown that when we are fearful, our ability to make rational choices is compromised. We usually tend to follow others blindly than to assess the information and make decisions for ourselves and our families. So the hijacking of the amygdala by worry, clearly a hand popping out of the grave or the scary clown face are pictures that might disturb most people. However, now, if we’re residing in concern, the other images like the hand being introduced for a handshake or the cute guy’s smile might sound threatening to some people because they’re nervous in regards to the contagion of COVID.

One state has announced one other six deaths and more than 9200 new Covid circumstances because it hit a ‘monumental’ vaccine aim. Speaking to 7 News Sydney in December, Matty John said he was off work for 10 weeks after being diagnosed with extreme pericarditis from the Pfizer vaccine. There have been 496 likely cases of myocarditis and 863 probably circumstances of pericarditis, based on the TGA’s most recent safety report.

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