Whether you’re a first-time pet owner or an experienced animal lover, the adoption process can seem intimidating. Because of this, we’ve created a step-by-step manual to assist you in beginning your new trip.

First, you’ll need to fill out an adoption application. It can be a simple or more in-depth survey asking about your household’s size, income, and other relevant details.


Adoption is a great way to get a pet, help an animal, and support the work of shelters. It also helps to decrease the overpopulation of animals in our communities.

When you are ready to adopt, ensure all your documentation is together. It includes a photo ID, application, and adoption fee.

Once you have these items, the next step is to meet and greet with an adoption counselor. Then, it is time for you to talk with the counselor about your lifestyle, home environment, and which pets may be a good match for you.

The adoption process can take a while, so patience is essential. If the pet you are interested in is unavailable, the counselor will chat about another animal that might be a better fit.

Meet and Greet

Before bringing a new pet home, you must first meet the animal. You can do this in person at an animal shelter, but meeting pets online is often more accessible and convenient.

You can find adoptable animals on adoption websites and social media platforms. Many shelters also have profiles on these sites.

Once you know the kind of dog or cat you’re looking for, fill out an adoption application. It will allow the shelter to get to know you and your family and help decide which animal might fit your lifestyle well.

Once your application is reviewed, the shelter staff will contact you and schedule a meeting to discuss your needs and preferences for a particular animal. It may happen in person, over the phone, or via video chat.


Before you can adopt your pet, you must complete an animal adoption application. It may include a simple questionnaire or an in-depth survey. The shelter or rescue will also run reference checks (personal, vet) and any other requirements to ensure you can provide a loving home for your new pet.

Adoption interview questions can be intimidating and overwhelming for some people. However, they’re an excellent opportunity to ensure you and your future pet will match. Most shelters structure their interview process like an honest conversation, not a test.

Home Visit

A home visit is the most crucial step in a responsible shelter’s or rescue’s screening process. It helps them ensure you’re a good match for the animal they have in their care.

It is also a chance to get to know the pet before you adopt it. Ask about its health, temperament, and training needs to help you make the best decision.

During the home visit, rescue representatives will walk through your house to assess your living situation and ensure the animal fits well. It includes providing no easy ways for the animal to escape.

Letting someone into your house can be nerve-racking, but it’s worth the effort if you want to adopt a pet that fits perfectly into your family. It’s a great way to ensure everyone in your household feels comfortable with the new addition and that it will be a long-term, loving relationship.

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