The NRP® course conveys an evidence-based method to care of the new child at start and facilitates efficient team-based care for newborns at the time of supply. Both the data as well as my very own real-world expertise with this vaccine are incredibly positive and reassuring. We should be carrying masks and social distancing to some extent — keep in mind, vaccinated individuals can still get contaminated, it’s simply much less probably they usually don’t get very sick.

But, for individuals who obtained the J&J vaccine months ago and didn’t expertise any of the above symptoms, they likely have nothing to worry about. “If several weeks have passed since you have received your Johnson & Johnson vaccine,” said Dr. Schaffner, “you are in the clear.” In April 2021, about two months after the J&J vaccine was granted emergency use authorization, the CDC and FDA issued a joint statement on incidences of a “uncommon and extreme type of blood clot” displaying up in individuals who had recently received the J&J vaccine. The kind of blood clot, known as a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis , occurs in the venous sinuses of the mind.

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