From what to feed them to the means to self-discipline, parenting appears to be one selection after one other. “There are things you are able to do to protect your baby in the course of the first few months of life,” Dr. Sabella says. Infants get sicker with the flu than older youngsters and adults do. “Although there may be potential treatment of the flu virus, it usually can turn into pneumonia or apnea,” Dr. Sabella says. There are plenty of methods to help reduce down your baby’s risk of illness.

A well-baby exam usually begins with measurements. You’ll must undress your baby so she or he can be precisely weighed on an toddler scale. Length might be measured by putting your child on a flat floor and stretching his or her legs out. A particular tape might be used to measure his or her head circumference.

Keep only safe objects inside your baby’s reach. Move anything that might be poisonous, pose a choking hazard or break into small pieces. Cover electrical outlets, use stairway gates, place cords from blinds or shades out of reach, and set up baby locks on doorways and cupboards. If you have furnishings with sharp edges, take away it from rooms where your child performs. The same goes for light-weight objects your baby can use to drag himself or herself to a standing place, such as plant stands, ornamental tables, potted trees and ground lamps.

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