On the bright side, the mother’s immune system does continue to protect her toddler with antibodies that have been shared via the placenta immediately after birth. “Those antibodies stay lively for the first few weeks of a baby’s life,” Dr. Sabella says. A low-tech intervention—skin-to-skin contact with the mother—is enhancing outcomes for untimely and low-birth-weight newborns all over the world, even during the pandemic. Remember to scrub your hands earlier than caring for the child to decrease unfold of an infection. Visitors should at all times wash their hands before holding the baby.

Push your youngster on the swing and catch his or her on the slide. Use these instances to help your youngster enhance motor skills and be taught new skills. Many interactive play opportunities exist inside too. By the time your baby is 3 to four months old, you presumably can help child stand and use leg muscle tissue along with your support.

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