This exception allows the employer to exclude sure injury or illness cases which are associated to personal medical care, physical health activities and voluntary blood donations. The key phrases listed right here are “solely” and “voluntary.” The work surroundings can’t have contributed to the damage or sickness in any means for this exception to use, and participation in the wellness, health or leisure actions have to be voluntary and never a condition of employment. Injuries and diseases also occur at work that don’t have a transparent connection to a particular work exercise, condition, or substance that is peculiar to the employment environment. For instance, an worker may trip for no apparent cause whereas walking throughout a level manufacturing facility ground; be sexually assaulted by a co-worker; or be injured by chance because of an act of violence perpetrated by one co-worker in opposition to a third celebration. In these and comparable instances, the employee’s job-related tasks or exposures didn’t create or contribute to the risk that such an injury would happen. Instead, a causal connection is established by the reality that the injury would not have occurred but for the situations and obligations of employment that positioned the employee within the position in which he or she was injured or made unwell.

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