Secondhand smoke increases the risk of sudden infant death syndrome , in addition to respiratory sicknesses. If you smoke, ask your doctor for choices that will help you quit. In the meantime, keep away from smoking just before or during a feeding. If you could have questions on your baby’s food plan or the position breast milk might play in it as he or she grows, speak to your child’s doctor or your health care supplier.

Normal spitting up does not intervene with a baby’s well-being. As long as your baby appears comfy and is eating well and gaining weight, there’s little trigger for concern. If your baby is gaining weight, then he or she is not being harmed by the energy misplaced via spitting up.

To kill bacteria that may be present in municipal water, use tap water that has been boiled for one minute and cooled quickly to physique temperature, 98.6 F . Your baby wants iron to grow and develop, especially during infancy. If you are not breast-feeding, utilizing iron-fortified method is the easiest means to offer this essential nutrient.

Create tech-free zones or times, such as throughout mealtime or one night time every week. Remember that in some unspecified time within the future your child might be uncovered to content material that you haven’t accredited beforehand and gadgets with out internet filters. Talk to your child concerning the potential conditions that would come up and the conduct you anticipate. Seek out interactive choices that have interaction your youngster, somewhat than those that simply require pushing and swiping or staring on the screen.

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