As many as a third of all stillbirths that happen before labor haven’t any identified cause (Warland & Mitchell, 2014). To learn extra about theories of unexplained stillbirth, learn this article here. But the “open-ended” stillbirth price tells you what your danger of stillbirth at 40 weeks can be if you embody babies born not simply at 40 weeks, however forty one weeks, 42 weeks, 43 weeks, and on! Ultrasounds in the third trimester are much less correct than earlier ultrasounds or the LMP at predicting gestational age.

You may even feel responsible that you’ll have much less one-on-one time to spend together. Postpartum cramping is caused by contractions of your uterus because it shrinks again to its pre-pregnancy size and placement after you’ve your baby. To cope with postpartum cramping, keep your bladder empty, take ibuprofen, and verify out gently massaging your decrease belly. And let your healthcare provider know should you expertise sturdy and extreme ache that doesn’t go away; it could be a sign of a extra significant issue. It’s nonetheless not a certain factor, but after you have some “bloody present,” labor could also be imminent. Experts still don’t fully perceive what triggers the onset of labor.

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