It is obvious now that the measures which have been taken to manage the spread of COVID-19 are causing what could also be referred to as a “secondary pandemic” of kid neglect and abuse . Healthcare amenities everywhere in the world turned suddenly overwhelmed by unexpectedly treating thousands of COVID-19 sufferers at the same time. This has created marked congestion and an unpreceded chaos in the healthcare amenities especially in the populated areas. This has its antagonistic impacts and many individuals and significantly infants and youngsters were and nonetheless unable to get the correct medical care they really want. Suggested short-term measures have been proposed to the international locations everywhere in the world by the WHO in response to COVID-19 pandemic.

If your baby has persistent diarrhea, this may lead to dehydration. Fever in youngsters between 6 months and 5 years of age can set off febrile seizures , which may last for a few minutes or may be over in seconds. They are a frightening experience but are often harmless.

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