Different folks might experience different unwanted side effects, even when they receive the same vaccine. If you received Johnson & Johnson in your first dose, you need to obtain a unique vaccine for your second dose two months later. If you can’t or would favor to not get Pfizer or Moderna, you must get a second dose of Johnson & Johnson. Third doses don’t need to be the same sort of vaccine as your first two.

The rate of significant Covid an infection that warranted admission into hospital however that was not serious enough for an overnight stay was larger within the vaccinated than within the unvaccinated. This means that the vaccines enhance the risk of being ‘somewhat unwell from Covid’. Note that this isn’t merely ‘infected’ – these individuals had been deemed by experts to be sufficiently susceptible to their illness to be admitted to hospital, even when they didn’t move the brink for an in a single day observation/treatment. However, the hospitalisation price for symptomatic Covid may be extra complex than it looks. In the UKHSA paper it appeared to define hospitalisation ‘with’ Covid to 14 days after the first optimistic test; if the person presented to A&E after this 14 day period, his or her information was excluded. It is feasible that vaccination delays illness progression, by which case a number of the hospitalisations with a situation that ‘looks like Covid however isn’t’ may in reality be as a outcome of a Covid an infection that took longer than 14 days to develop to the purpose where hospitalisation was needed.

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