Most babies have moved to a “head down” or cephalic position within the uterus by this time, and most will keep in that place till supply. After week 37, your baby is taken into account “term,” which suggests fully-grown. Term babies typically weigh 7 to eight pounds and are 18 to 21 inches lengthy, measuring from crown to rump. At 32 weeks your child has grown so much that there’s much much less room to move around. You can really feel the difference in your child’s movements, which are extra like wriggling and twisting.

Ask them – and make positive you have the time to hear to their response. In most situations, dad and mom will want you to be there for them. They will want you to encompass them with love and care. If you don’t know what to say, ‘I’m sorry’, and even explaining that ‘You can’t find the words’ is much better than avoiding it.

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