Guillain-Barré syndrome (a uncommon neurological disorder by which the physique’s immune system damages nerve cells, inflicting muscle weakness and generally paralysis) has occurred in some people who have received the Janssen [Johnson & Johnson] COVID-19 Vaccine. In most of those individuals, symptoms began within 42 days following receipt of the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine. In truth, scientific developments have allowed most of these vaccines to deal with cancer.

Table S7 in the UKHSA paper presents knowledge on hospitalisations after an A&E go to where the individual had symptomatic Covid . This sounds just like the situation for the previous desk, but in that desk the ‘Covid negative’ column countedallnon-accident or damage A&E visits, whereas the information in Table S7 only contemplate those that had signs similar to Covid. Examination of other data suggests that the only dosed have ‘with Covid’ rates just like the unvaccinated but 2.5 larger A&E attendance and that the double dosed seem to have the worst situation of all – much larger Covid hospitalisation and much larger non-Covid admission to A&E.

Some of the visits to A&E could be because of a response / side-effect / complication of the vaccines. The vaccinated could be much more unhealthy generally than the unvaccinated. According to the raw information, the vaccinated are presenting to A&E without having Covid at round FIVE TIMES the rate of the unvaccinated. Sure, there are extra hospitalisations with symptomatic Covid in the unvaccinated, however only by eight per a hundred,000. Much greater charges of hospitalisation as a end result of non-Covid acute respiratory illness in the vaccinated. If a government consultant requests information of an institution, however these records are kept at one other location, the 4-hour interval can be measured in accordance with the traditional enterprise hours on the location the place the records are being stored…

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