Every baby grows and develops at his or her personal tempo. Still, child growth tends to observe a reasonably predictable path. Find out what language, social, cognitive and bodily milestones to expect from ages 2 to 5. If you are breast-feeding, you might have questions about weaning. Get the information about weaning and how you can make the method a extra optimistic one for you and your youngster.

Ideally, your baby should sleep in your room with you, but alone in a crib, bassinet or different structure designed for infants, for no much less than six months, and, if attainable, up to one yr. This would possibly assist lower the danger of sudden infant death syndrome . Newborns sleep 16 or more hours a day, but typically in stretches of just a few hours at a time. Although the pattern could be erratic at first, a more consistent sleep schedule will emerge as your baby matures and might go longer between feedings.

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