As your child gets older, resisting naptime may happen. It’s still a good suggestion for a kid to have some quiet time in the course of the day. Allow your child to play quietly with toys or take a glance at books. Even if your baby resists napping, quiet time makes it extra probably you baby will nap if needed. Usually between ages 3 and 5, children cease taking naps.

Marcus and Leanne work collectively as caregivers in an infant classroom and have discovered that the children in their care wish to get ready for their particular person naptimes in different ways. For example, Leila and Samuel wish to be rocked and sung to while Leanne will get them able to sleep. Carlos and Leo choose to lie on their backs in their cribs, while Marcus gently rubs their tummies. Sharice often resists sleep and her father shared that she is sensitive to light and sound.

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